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Marcello Gori's Foundation offers full scholarships every year to youngsters in need. Not only do they learn an ancient craft that will give them a stable professional life but they reconnect with the simple things in life. With your help we can do even more!
Please support our Foundation by donating as a gesture of your solidarity and rest assured that every penny is entirely spent on the education of the students we will welcome in our special training program. Thank you!

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Barbara Gori, CEO of Scuola del Cuoio and founder of the Marcello Gori Foundation, is happy to offer guided tours of the workshop and the school. The purpose is to raise funds for the Foundation. The price of the tour is 10,00€ per person. The proceeds will contribute in paying the education of young people that will have the chance to learn a crafts thanks to the Marcello Gori Foundation. The tour starts every day at 12pm at Scuola del Cuoio’s workshop in Via San Giuseppe 5R in Florence. Please, call or email us to set an appointment. 
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"I want to thank the Marcello Gori Foundation, and in particular the Gori family, for giving me the opportunity to learn leatherworking techniques.
Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to Francesco and all the master artisans who who support me with patience daily, allowing me to constantly learn something new."

"I am very grateful for the opportunity that the Marcello Gori Foundation is giving me to learn a trade that I love and for the life experience that I am having, which otherwise I would never have had the chance to live."

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for granting me the scholarship. It is a great honor to be recognized in this way, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you have provided me with.

I would also like to thank my esteemed professors for their constant support and dedication in helping me achieve my academic goals. Your commitment has contributed significantly to my success. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support."

"I want to thank the Marcello Gori Foundation, the Gori family, and Scuola del Cuoio for giving me the opportunity to learn great skills at the foundation. It is a great honor to be recognized in this way, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you have provided me. I would also like to thank all the artisans for their constant support and dedication in helping me achieve my academic goals and learn in this beautiful world. Thank you"

"My wondeful experience at the school as single mother who had the chance to do a course and learn an antique and precious craftsmanship comes from the kindness of a lot of people who helped: first of all Barbara Gori and her family who support us for any need, they're always so helpful also for matters outside of the school and they handled all the expenses for our course; Master Craftsman Saito Shigeru who made me fell in love for this special trade; Anti-violance center Artemisia who helped a lot and taught me that even if you're done you can still be saved, just ask for help. I want to thank all the colleagues who are always so kind. Eventually, a special thank from me and my son to all the people that allowed me to start this experience who finally will give us a future."

Sara (Matteo's Mother)

"My name is Eleonora and I'm one of the lucky persons who had the chance to start a course at Scuola del Cuoio thanks to the Marcello Gori's Foundation. I'm 35 years old, I've never finished college and I did a lot of menial jobs (cleaning, waitress, distribution fliers, caregiver, gardner, housekeepper, babysitter) who made me feel unsatisfied, depreciated. I was lost, tring to make some money and looking for a better place to start again. In July, I was jobless and without any expectation towards the future when I found Barbara Gori and the Marcello Gori's Foundation. They changed my life and gave me the chance to prove to myself and to all the people who underestimated me and made me feel small that I matter, my life mattes. I can finally express my talent and my creativity."


"My name is Imane Daraoui and I was so lucky to win a scholarship at Scuola del Cuoio thanks to the Marcello Gori's Foundation. Here I met extraodinary people and I finally found my inner peace. I hope that a lot of other people will have the same opportunity and be that lucky as I've been."


"My curiosity for this craftsmanship started when I was working in a leather shop in Belgium and it became a passion when I started to make small leather goods. Nowadays I finally crowned my dream thanks to very generous people who want to teach this art to other generations.
When I came across Scuola del Cuoio the first time, I wasn't able to enroll the course since I couldn't afford it. One day I was reading the newspaper when an articole caught my eyes. It was about the Marcello Gori's Foundation and the scholarships that were going to be offered to people in need.  Luckly, I won one of these scholarships. This is really special for me. I want to thank Barbara Gori who believed in me, all Scuola del Cuoio's family and Marcello Gori's Foundation board who gave me this opportunity. Finally, I want to thank Master Saito Shigeru who teaches me everything with sympathy and kindness. Thank you so much, my dream will soon come true."


"I want to thank the Marcello Gori's Foundation that gave me the opportunity to learn such a beatiful and important trade as leather crafsmanship is for me. Having the chance to study at Scuola del Cuoio is a dream and a beautiful experience thanks also to the people that work here. Master Saito Shigeru teaches us to be good people and love what we do. Dedication and passion will help me to become an artisan and finding a job as leather Master. It won't be easy but it will be worth it for sure.
Thanks to the Marcello Gori's Foundation my dream will come true."